• Child Care ALL YEAR
  • Individualized Educational Programs
  • DROP-IN SERVICE (per availability)
  • Operating Times 24/7 
  • Serving 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift
  • Great Start to Quality 5 star Participant
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OUR PROGRAM is patterned to the developmental needs of each child. It strives to contribute to the growth and development of the children in order that he/she may become self confident, self-sufficient, and self-disciplined. 

It also enhances an awareness of worth and understanding of one's self. The skills learned supports a broad based program that enables each child to acquire basic skills in communication, creativity, and coordination involving the alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes. 

The goal of our child care are to provide an atmosphere of trust and support in which an individual (child or adult) is accepted for who she/he is, and can grow, develo[p, and learn with other caring adults and children.

We encourage our parents to participate actively in the child care activities by visiting any time, accompanying us on field trips, sharing their talents and participating in any special activities. Our objectives will concentrate on the three most important areas of development: Physical/Motor, Cognitive, and Social/Emotional